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Ten Easy Steps to Plan Your Houseboat Vacation

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November 21, 2018

Houseboat vacation planning involves a lot of preparation. It is quite challenging to plan a perfect houseboat trip as it requires a little bit of boating knowledge. However, the planning doesn’t have to be daunting. With a few simple steps and guidelines, it becomes easy for you to design the holiday plan. The following easy steps will guide you through the whole process of organising the trip. With Sunseeker Houseboats by your side, you get the best boat in Australia.

Starting from initial research work to getting you on the boat is what these guidelines aim at. Let us read on:

  1. Initial Research Work Counts:

Initial research should continue for nine to twelve months in advance. Researching on houseboat holiday in Mildura a month ago won’t help you design a perfect holiday plan. You may get conned by the brokers in the market. Make sure to collect good feedbacks from people who had gone on a houseboat holiday. Get an idea of the location you want to spend your time with loved ones on the boat.

  1. Make Sue who’s coming:

You should have a clear idea of who all are coming along on the trip. Start including members in advance to avoid last moment cancellations. You should understand who are genuinely interested in the vacation and not faking the excitement all through the booking process. Some vessel borders will help you choose a houseboat size for the vacation.

  1. Choose Dates:

You should have a few dates in mind that suit you as well as your group before preparing the holiday plan. Make a few calls beforehand to get a precise idea about the availability of the houseboats. See whether you get the best boat on the date you have zeroed on.

  1. Make Boat Reservations:

Before booking the boat, you should get commitments from those who are going on the trip. You can ask the people interested in the houseboat holiday in Mildura to put down a deposit to make the plan strong and reliable. Make sure to make the reservation early so that you can avoid peak season crisis conveniently.

  1. Watercraft and Water Toy Rentals:

If you have not booked water toy and watercraft rentals, it is time to check for the available rates in the market. It is recommended to make the arrangements two to three month in advance.

  1. Final Payments:

You should re-check your confirmation mail forty-five to ninety days in advance. Do not miss the actual due date for the final payment or else the whole trip might get on the verge of cancellation.

  1. Lodging and Transport Arrangements:

After the final check-ups, you should focus on the flight and lodging arrangements two to three months in advance. You may ask for early boarding options and the cost each member has to bear.

  1. Things to Bring With You:

Consider making a list of things that you may carry along with your on the trip a month in advance. Check online lists as well to have a good idea of what else can be included. You may ask people who had gone on a similar trip.

  1. Meal Plans:

One or two weeks before starting the journey you should start planning your meals on the board. Prepare a shopping list accordingly and stock up your kitty with the essential things before going out on the water. You may segregate the responsibilities of shopping and cooking amongst the group.

  1. Enjoy your Vacation:

You have made it! You can go ahead and enjoy your trip with a great plan behind you.


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