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Rediscovering Houseboats through an Enthusiast’s Eyes

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January 26, 2019

Houseboats are basically luxurious accommodations or residential vessels floating on water in simple words. In some countries, houseboats have been in use for decades or even centuries. They have been gaining more popularity in recent decades. They are quite popular with retired people. Houseboats come in different shapes and sizes. They are either motorized or static. Motor-powered houseboats can also be used to travel on water whereas stationery houseboats serve only as residential vessels. There are many businesses which rent out houseboats. You can find many such houseboats for hire in Mildura itself. Sunseeker Houseboats is one such business which offers a wide variety of houseboats. 

Different types of houseboats

The different variants of houseboats serve different purposes. Houseboats can be divided into six categories – Pontoons, full hulls, catamarans, trailerables, barges, and river houseboats. Pontoons are stable and available at reasonable prices. Apart from being safe and easy, they require little maintenance. They are made from marine grade aluminium, steel, fibreglass, wood, and plastic. They are ideal for spending a day. Full hull water boats are ideal for rough water, and they are quite spacious as well with a high storage capacity. Catamarans have a lower level of displacement and higher fuel efficiency because of their narrow hulls. They are also easy to manoeuvre because of their width and twin engines.

 Trailerables are long and narrow houseboats which are best suited for narrow and smaller river systems. They are made of steel or wood. Barges are either permanently static or can move on water. They are wider than the typical narrow boats and provide better accommodation. The last category is that of river houseboats. These are the best as far as accommodation is concerned because of their stability. They are made of fibreglass and are available in a wide variety of models. They come in different shapes and sizes. River houseboats vary from economy to luxury types.

The intricacies of building a houseboat

The designs of houseboats vary from country to country. They also depend on the water zone where the houseboats are supposed to be located. Each zone requires specific designing. Flaws in the construction and design of a houseboat can be dangerous as the houseboats are ultimately going to be located on water. Residential houseboats require a firm base structure. The quality of the material with which the houseboats are built should also be good. There should be proper systems in the houseboat for the disposal of waste materials. Some modern luxury houseboats also have sophisticated systems for refrigeration and air conditioning. These houseboats also equipped with advanced storage facilities.

In Australia, there are many motorized, pontoon-based houseboats on the Murray River and the ocoastline of Victoria, which have two or more bedrooms. Some of these houseboats have more than one floor. These houseboats are privately owned for residential purposes, and some are also used as holiday homes. The houseboats which are used as holiday homes are generally available for hire.

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