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Mildura Sunseeker Houseboat Hire Spells the Perfect Summer Break

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June 1, 2018

A summer getaway with friends or family is the perfect way to introduce a ‘palette cleanse’ if you are tired of the sultry summer heat! Imagine beating the heat with your friends; on a houseboat slowly gliding down the Murray River, cool winds playing through the canopy as you sit-back relax and crack open a cold one! Yes, all of this and more can be a part of your summer break for a steal of a price! A cruise spent on Sunseeker houseboats is the perfect gift this summer that has been made available for its patrons! Expect a melting pot of luxury and nature’s aesthetic appeal on the cards, when you book the River Rose or the Shalibro houseboats from Sunseeker.

Relaxation in nature’s cradle

Quality time with your family, friends or your partner is what it comes down to when you put down your money on a houseboat holiday. Floating down the Murray River takes guests past the idyllic river towns of Mildura, Gol Gol and Redcliffs, just to name a few. You have the options of anchoring down at any of these prominent stops, or if you like the calmness of isolation, you can also moor further down past the Red Cliffs where it is so peaceful you can hear a pin drop.

The cruise takes guests down past forests of red gum and wetlands festooned with trees that offer you some shade as you moor down for a fishing break. The outback visible from the river also provides some variety in terms of natural sights. Mooring down near any one of the secluded river-banks allows you to swim in shallow waters. The sunset looks glorious and breath-taking regardless of which section of the Murray River your houseboat is gliding by at that moment. Would you not care for a memorable photograph with your loved ones with the vermillion-red Sun setting against the Murray-Echuca horizon? That’s one opportunity you would hate to miss!

Modern luxuries amidst nature

Sunseeker Houseboats offer 2 modern houseboats that reek of luxury and comfort. With short trips designed for each season, on the menu, there has to be something that perfectly fits into your idea for a spontaneous summer vacation getaway! Each of our houseboats come with multiple bedrooms with queen beds and windows that give you a glimpse of the picturesque natural beauty outside, like poetry in motion!

If you would like to catch-up on your favourite soaps or the news in between conversations with nature, then fret not! There are 8 televisions on the River Rose and 3 large ones on the Shalibro! If you are planning on having a barbecue with your friends on the deck, as the sunset beckons an inky blue sky over Murray River, then there are provisions for that as well. And if you are still not done winding out, then let the spa put the icing on the cake- Imagine, unwinding with your loved one over a bottle of wine, in the cool of the evening, with birds chirping in the tree clusters on the banks!

What more do you need for an incentive to book a Murray River cruise vacation on one of the Sunseeker houseboats that we have to offer you!


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