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Why Mildura Is Considered the Ultimate Houseboat Holiday Destination?

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May 31, 2018

Mildura is an easily accessible riverside town situated in the northwest of Victoria. This city is known as the fruit bowl of Australia and offers pretty citrus groves and vineyards, lots of the sunshine, delicious food, mouth-watering wine, and abundant water-based activities like swimming, water ski, fishing, wakeboarding, kayaking, and more. Houseboats are premier travel property that has been converted into luxurious suites with spa in the Mildura region so opt for houseboat hire in Mildura to truly enjoy the region’s beauty and splendor.

The surreal experience of floating in a luxurious houseboat on the serene waters of Murray and embracing natural adventures like water ski, canoe the lagoons, bird-watch in the wetlands and bushwalk through the red gum forests will create unforgettable memories. Savor the sunshine and gorgeous scenery while relaxing in the fully-equipped houseboats.

Hiring a houseboat

Hiring a houseboat is hassle-free, all you need to do is contact a reputed houseboat hire company like Sunseeker Houseboats and embark on the trip. They will also give you a driving lesson on arrival. The only document you need to drive a houseboat is an international driver or motorbike license and you should be over the age of 21. The training takes about an hour and soon you will be able to confidently cruise and berth the houseboat.

Things you can experience in Mildura

  • Traveling by a houseboat is the ultimate holiday plan that will help you relax as well as bring out your adventurous nature. Floating along the Murray River on the iconic paddle steamer or a houseboat will be a journey of a lifetime. The Murray is Australia’s longest river that offers dramatic red cliff scenery, abundant birdlife, and edges of giant river red gums.
  • Mildura is a gem on the upper Murray River where the river converges with the Darling. The Murray River offers diverse experiences that are appealing to the old, young and every age in between. Mildura is nestled against a backdrop of rolling red desert, meandering rivers, and vast salt lakes and is surrounded by a patchwork of vineyards, orchards, and farms.
  • The best way to experience the natural beauty is by opting for houseboat hire in Mildura and driving your own houseboat. Learn about the country’s riverboat history, enjoy riverbank barbecues, have the best kayaking and canoeing experiences in the world, see the abundant biodiversity along the riverbank, water sports, fishing and much more.
  • A houseboat vacation in Mildura is a new part of the world that’s relatively remote and not congested by tourists. This place is a couple’s paradise and will allow you time to reconnect with yourself, family and friends.

Get in touch with Sunseekerhosueboats for houseboat hire in Mildura. They offer a fleet of houseboats that is suitable for couples, small families, large families, and groups. The houseboats cater to all your needs and have spas on the top sundecks. The houseboats are affordable and easy to drive. They will give full instructions to get you on your way and also provide on-going support while you are out on the river. All the houseboats are clean, modern and functional.


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