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Orange world is a working 50 -acre property situated just 8 minutes from Mildura. They offer educational and informative citrus tours around the picturesque property of avocado trees, numerous citrus varieties and tree grafting areas. During picking seasons visitors can see pickers at work.

On orange blossom time the trees are laden with blossom and beautiful  sweet scents drifts throughout the orchard, Travel on the 70- seat tractor train, the passengers a fruit tasting informative commentary on a wealth of citrus information with a juicy sense of humor.

Location : Silver City Highway Buronga ,NSW  2739

Call for tour prices and booking 0428237868



Woodsies Gem shop is a family owned and operated business 10 minutes from Mildura. Its showroom boasts timeless Jewellery, exquisite gemstones, beautiful carvings, gifts and much more. You’ll be blown away by the Cave-inn restaurant and dining area, and enticed by the local staff at the little gem Café.

Family attractions include Aladdin’s Cave- A walk through display of Gemstones sourced internationally in the woods family private collection( Adults $2 and Children $1 entry)

There is the Garden Crazy Maze- A maze that covers nearly a hectare of dead end and arguments . Try your luck to beat the 1 min and 39 second record set by a local student. Allow approximately 30- 45 minutes( Adults $2 and Children $1)

Location: 516 Cureton ,Ave Nichols Point

Call (03)50245797 for more information

Kings Billabong

Bordered by a wide stretch of the Murray River, home to majestic river red gums and a variety of bird life, Kings Billabong Reserve is an ideal place to discover nature and history. See the historic Psyche Pumping Station, built in 1891 by the Chaffey Brothers to meet the needs of the irrigation settlement. Follow the Nature Walk, spot bird populations, take in fabulous views over the Billabong and see shell middens and scarred trees – evidence of the local Aboriginal people who lived around the billabong. Kings Billabong is on the Murray River floodplain, 8 kilometres south-east of Mildura.

Perry Sandhills

The Perry Sandhills is 10 hectares of striking red sandhills that were once part of the huge Willandra Lakes System and date back to an ice age 40,000 years ago. Evidence suggests that the Barkindji people lived here since ancient times and bones of mega fauna found in the sandhills also reveal that huge kangaroos, wombats and other creatures once roamed the region. Located 5 kilometres from Wentworth near Mildura.

Confluence of the Murray and Darling rivers

Head to Wentworth to Junction Park and climb the viewing tower to overlook the spot where the Murray and Darling rivers converge. In times of high water levels, the waters of the two rivers are distinctly different colours. See where they merge and flow on to Lock 10 and weir.

Neds Corner Station

Part of the Barkindji Biosphere, the Trust for Nature-managed Neds Corner Station is a 30,000-hectare landholding containing a mosaic of rare landforms and threatened ecosystems along the Murray River 80 kilometres west of Mildura. ( Not accessible by Houseboat )

The Red Cliffs lookout with scenic reserve

The scenic reserve forms the basis from which the township of Red Cliffs derived its name. The 21-hectare reserve features high red cliffs facing the Murray River. As well as a place of scenic beauty, the site has an interesting history including ancient aboriginal relics. The lookout and reserve is located 4 kilometres from Red Cliffs.

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