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Hop on to the Finest Houseboats of Mildura

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March 10, 2019

Indeed, to spot the best holiday locale can be a task daunting enough. Are you wondering where and how to make the best of your holidays?

Located in the North-West Victoria, Mildura is a fascinating place to spend your holidays in. Home to the globe’s finest artists and creative enterprises, the city is at once a creative and visual delight. One of the most interesting and renowned aspects of the city is its horticultural asset. Fascinating to note, over 80% of Victoria grapes come from Mildura. The place, therefore, is a delight for quintessential wine-lovers. In fact, the place is dotted by a range of popular wineries. To top it all, a houseboat holiday in Mildura is the best way to go!

So far as houseboats are concerned, the sheer range of services provided is what catches the eye. Ranging from luxury models to moderate ones, you can find it all. What is more, the viability of the houseboat services ensures you have the best time in the place. Considered amongst the finest, the Sunseeker Houseboats are in the houseboat business for over the last 16 years.

The houseboats of Mildura come in all shapes and sizes. The Murray River is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The riverine spectacle offers you the best of Australian quintessence.  The river is speckled with a range of local restaurants and pubs which offer the best of Australian cuisine. You can enjoy hearty meals at some of the most popular eating outlets such as the Trentham Estate. Locals and tourists participate in popular sporting activities such as skiing, fishing and Kayaking, to name only a few. To top it all, you get to avail of the deck spas, a favorite of the locals and outsiders alike. Apart from that, if you want to enjoy the scenes with your pet, you can easily avail of the best pet-friendly houseboats on the Murray. There is a diverse range of pet-friendly houseboats services that are meant to cater to the safety of your pet and you.

If you are looking for your type, you can easily choose from among the following houseboats available:

  • The VIP fleet is the smallest of all the options available. As it is, the boat is especially suitable for small parties such as honeymoon couples or a small gathering of friends. The prices are immensely affordable too.
  • The ‘Shalibro’ is one of the finest houseboats available. The boat consists of 12 berths and 4 bedrooms. The bedrooms come equipped with opulent queen size beds and a couple of adjustable sofas to ensure max comfort.
  • The River Rose is the finest houseboat available. The boat is facilitated with 5 bedrooms consisting of queen size beds.

Houseboat holidays in Australia are certainly among the finest choices. Travel enthusiasts tend to stress on the riverine aspect of Australia. Convincingly enough, houseboat trips and lodgings ensure you get the feeling both of land and water. Australian water bodies continue to dazzle and have been subject to a steady stream of tourists the whole year round.

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