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Why Hiring a Houseboat is The Best Option to Enjoy the Murray River?

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April 23, 2018

Australia houseboat holidays are one of the premier vacation ideas for experiencing the wide expanse of the Murray River while it makes its way to the ocean. The setting sun in the backdrop, group of migratory birds and with the sound of nature all around the houseboat will ensure that you have a magical time on the houseboat.

Murraylands is just an hour’s drive from Adelaide, and are easily accessible. It is the perfect option for a weekend away to recharge your batteries and enjoy the peaceful environment of the Murray River. There are over 80 houseboats operating in the Murray River area and most of them come equipped with all the luxury fittings to make your stay on them a pleasure. 

Things to Keep In Mind If You Want To Hire a Houseboat

  • You don’t need a license to hire a houseboat
  • You need to be more than 18 years to hire a houseboat
  • Having a valid driving license is mandatory
  • Training and tuition as to how to drive houseboats, the river conditions and mooring spots is provided before you leave for your trip

Recreation options in the Murraylands

You won’t be surprised to know that with so much water around it, one of the primary recreation pursuits in the Australia houseboat holidays is fishing. Murray Cod is the most popular catch, which is a freshwater fish and is notoriously difficult to catch.

The Monarto Zoological Park is another popular attraction of the Murraylands that combines the concepts of zoo and wilderness to create an open range area where numerous exotic species roam. Expect to see herds of giraffe, zebra, ostrich, and zebra wandering through the natural bush setting. 

Houseboat Hiring Tips

  1. Before you decide upon the houseboat rental agency you will be hiring your houseboat from, make sure to run a background check.
  2. See if the boats available for hire are in good condition. 
  3. Check if the houseboat rental agency is providing a parking facility for your car while you are on the trip. 

Know all safety precautions and check the controls of the houseboat before you venture out on your houseboat trip.

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