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Enjoying Your Holiday

On arrival you will get instructions from y our host on how to drive the boat- it is a good idea to have a nominated or driver or 2 as it does require some listening and concentration – don’t be afraid to ask questions as we want you to be comfortable an d safe when driving the boat!

We are happy to discuss what you expect from your holiday- Whether you would like to explore the local attractions or just cruise the river to relax and get away from it all.

Take lots of photos so you can reflect back on your memories.

Get back to basics and  enjoy our beautiful nature – bush walking is fun – fishing and kayaking  are all great activities for the family and friends to enjoy together.
also just the little things like have meals together and watching the beautiful sunsets from the top deck of the boats.

Also the spas are a  popular way to relax   and take the views and  serenity while sipping on your favorite beverage.

A Houseboat holiday is unique because it is like staying  in a motel while having a large stretch of the Murray river as you back yard and having the freedom choose wheter to  to cruise or pull up and relax and enjoy the water activities –YOU ONLY HAVE YOURSELVES TO PLEASE !!

Still unsure about making a booking, why not give us a call?

Address :Bruce's Bend Marina, Irymple VIC 3498

9am-5pm AEST Mon-Fri or email if outside hours