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Book a Ride Soon and Enjoy the Finest Houseboats of Australia

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March 27, 2019

Located alongside the streaming Murray River, the city of Mildura is especially renowned for its exquisite houseboats and streamers. Besides, the city streets are dotted with sterling restaurants, pubs and bars, all sporting the very best of Australian culture. As it is, you can grab a bite while relishing the beauty of the river. If you are keen for a ride through the Murray, make sure you book the finest Mildura houseboats. And where else but in Sun Seeker Houseboats!

The company has been in the business for over the last 16 years. There are all kinds of houseboats to make sure you find your pick easily and conveniently. Fundamentally, you can book your ride according to your preferences and tastes. For instance, there are the exquisite luxury houseboats that come in all shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, the finest thing about the houseboats is that they offer opulent facilities, the best being spas on decks! So you can easily enjoy the quintessential Mildura scenes while soothing your senses in the spa.

If you are looking for more homey spaces, you can easily find them too.  In fact, they are the popular pick among couples and friends or tiny parties. According to your choice, you can pick any of the following options:

  • The quintessential VIP fleet is the smallest type available. It is essentially meant for small families and couples. Besides, you can also hang out with your friends here. The model is a perfect choice for those looking for compact spaces and more solitary outings.
  • If you are looking for more spacious facilities, go for the Shalibro. This one is fitted with 12 berths and 4 bedrooms. Besides, you get to enjoy quintessential queen-size beds and comfy couches. Specifically, 2 double sofas are available on this houseboat.
  • River Rose is by far the finest of the three types. It is equipped with 5 bedrooms. All the beds are queen-size types in order to bring you the highest level of luxury and comfort.

 While the houseboats are equipped with the best to make you feel at home, what is especially fetching is that the choices are light on the purse. Whether you book for the highest model or not, you will find affordable rates. Besides, you can also engage your rendezvous with the Murray in whatever ways you would like to. Popular sporting activities include the likes of water skiing, fishing, Kayaking and many more. As hinted at the outset, the river runs along a stream of exquisite meal-houses such as the popular Trentham Estate winery where you can grab a wholesome bite or two.

If you seek to relish the depths of the Murray, houseboats are the most popular and attractive means to go about. But fret not! Houseboat hiring on the Murray River should be a pretty straightforward affair. Apart from that, you can enjoy the facilities of the deck spa while bathing in the sun-laced scenery of Mildura. Or you can just find a means to stroll along the river and relax.

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